Travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic will, of course, carry some concerns. In order to put you at ease, the following article will detail the changes we have made to make the hotel Covid-19 secure. Included within this, are some of the operational changes you may experience whilst staying with us. All of our changes and protocols will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure we are following government policy. 

What services will be running at the hotel? 

The hotel will be operating at reduced capacity, with only 10 rooms available to let at any given point in time. We aim to accommodate all requests regarding sea-view rooms. 

In the immediate period following our re-opening we will only be operating the hotel on a Bed & Breakfast basis. Our evening restaurant service will remain suspended until we are comfortable that this can be run safely for both staff & guests.

The bar & all public spaces in the hotel will remain open to use, however tables will be set out to accommodate the social distancing guidelines and a more regular cleaning schedule will be in operation. Bar opening hours are likely to be restricted. 

Unfortunately the public toilets in the hotel, both on the ground & 1st floor will remain closed until further notice. Guests are kindly asked to use the facilities in their room. 

Our housekeeping staff will be available during your stay but we will only be offering a reduced service. All staff members will be wearing appropriate PPE and no member of the housekeeping team will enter the room whilst you are in it. Should you prefer us not to service your room during your stay then please let us know at check-in. 

How do I make a booking with the hotel? 

In order to maintain control over our bookings we are currently only accepting direct bookings, made either over the phone or via our email service. Importantly, we would like to stress that you must have a booking before arriving at the hotel, we will NOT be accepting walk-in business at this moment in time. 

I have made a booking at the hotel, what happens next?

You will receive a call from our reception team 24 hours prior to arrival. During this call you will be asked to confirm that neither you, nor anyone else in your party, has had any Covid-19 related symptoms in the last 7 days. After you have confirmed this to be the case, we will arrange a check-in time for your arrival. Please try your best to arrive at the pre-arranged time to avoid queuing and congestion at reception.  

I have made a booking with you, but I am now presenting symptoms of Covid-19. What should I do? 

Please inform us immediately and then follow all UK government policies on self-isolation. You will not be penalised for cancelling your booking and where a deposit has been made this can be transferred to a new booking in the future. Under no circumstances should you travel to the hotel.

Will there be hand sanitising stations in the hotel? 

Absolutely. There will be a hand sanitising station immediately inside the front door, which all guests, staff and contractors are required to use before they enter the building. A number of other sanitising stations will be available throughout the hotel. 

How are you going to make sure the bedroom is safe between guests? 

Where possible all rooms will lie fallow (empty) for 72 hours, however we will implement a robust cleaning schedule for each room to ensure it is safe without a fallow period. All pillows & duvets will lie fallow for 72 hours before being reused. Rooms will be stripped bare of all non-essential items, such as magazines. Guest amenities & toiletries will be kept to a minimum and additional supplies will be available on request. 

Will check-in & check-out be contactless? 

Unfortunately, given the legal requirement to sign a registration document, it will not be possible to have a contactless check-in process. However, with the use of contactless payment & email receipts we will be able to offer a contactless check-out. 

Will I notice any changes with the staff in the hotel? 

In order to reduce the risk to all, you may notice less staff than normal in the hotel. All of our staff have been provided with a washable & reusable face mask, which they are required to wear whilst on site. We have asked that all team members acknowledge social distancing rules in the hotel. For those of you who have stayed before, you may notice less guest interaction than usual. Rest assured that this is nothing personal, merely a further step required to ensure safety within the hotel.